First Presbyterian Church of Chittenango

Church Celebrations

Throughout the year, our church has special celebrations to honor the milestones in some of our members faith walk and also to acknowledge the actions of others.


3rd and 10th Grade Bible Presentations

This celebration occurs during the first combined worship service in the Fall. Our church gives Bibles to the third grade children to read and study God's word in Sunday School and on their own. Also, a Life Application Study Bible is given to each Tenth grade student to encourage them to continue reading and studying God's word.


The children in Sunday School receive a Chrismon each year as part of our church's Christmas celebration that began in 1983. Chrismon refers to a Christmas tree ornament that is based on a Christmas symbol. It is made of white felt and gold trim. Each Chrismon is designed and made by members of the church family. With each Chrismon, the children receive the written scripture that gives each symbol its special meaning.


At the end of the Sunday school year, Children's Day Program takes place on the second Sunday in June. Each Sunday School class presents something (drama, song, memory work, etc.) they have learned during the year. The program is followed by a church wide family picnic at Sullivan Park.


This celebration takes place the Sunday after the Chittenango High School Graduation in June. We have a power point picture presentation of the graduating High School seniors. The college graduates are recognized at each worship service too.


On the final Sunday of each month in both services,we honor our military. We recognize those who have served and are serving by lighting candles and saying prayers.


9:00 am - Worship - (Meet us on Facebook  ).  If you attend services please:  
Wear masks - Use hand sanitizer.  Practice social distancing (no passing peace).